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HUGE thank you to everyone who came out @sorahyang and my TM SI CLASS! The energy, positivity, and commitment was amazing! It was a huge honor being a part of this years SI lineup, especially since I grew up watching SI for the past 7 years or so. So thank you @dannybatimana for this opportunity! Shoutout to @_anthonylee_ for the fresh white edition of his “Work Hard, Stay Humble” tee!

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SHE SAID YES!! Congrats Louis and Eloise!!!! #CGgala #10year #proposal View high resolution

SHE SAID YES!! Congrats Louis and Eloise!!!! #CGgala #10year #proposal


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Yeah. I did it. I made two versions. HAHA. It was just an idea that came up when I was brainstorming. I really wanted to dance in this video, but I figured it’d be nice to just watch my choreography on other people for once. (It’s also less stress on me.)

But I was like, what if I made an all guy version? HAHAHA…oh wait, this could work…

So I decided to hit up some of my favorite fellas and just as I expected, they murdered it. Simply murdered it. I knew going with an all guy approach was going to be different, but that’s exactly what I wanted.

I thought it’d be really dope to see both gender’s perspectives on my choreography and the vibe of the song. I didn’t make it for them to be clean, but for them to showcase their personalities and characteristics. Oh my oh my, what fun this was.

We filmed both videos the same night, just switching back and forth between the guys and the girls. What was cool was that the ladies would cheer for the guys and vise versa…and I think it just really pushed them to perform the shit out of it. So enjoy! And please comment, like, share, repost, and all that good stuff. Thanks friends…again!

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Anyone would agree that these women are beauties. But what I love more is that they are powerful and have such strong characteristics that resonate in their dancing. If you watch each person as an individual, you can see their confidence, sass, quirkiness, sex appeal, etc. And just watching them as a whole…it’s ridiculous. 

I had a lot of fun putting this video together…It’s the second time that I’ve ever choreographed to an entire song. The choreographing process was…difficult..haha. Definitely had to step outside the box with this one. I see the influence from the MAKER Empire in my movement… I really tried to challenge myself with subtleties and dynamics and am pretty satisfied with the turnout.

The set-up process for the shoot was fun too…having to climb all the way to the top-step of the ladder so my short ass could reach the ceiling and clip the fabric. THANKS NICK for helping, HAHA. 

Anyways, hope you all enjoy this video of mine! Thank you for taking the time to read this and watch the video! Please share, comment, like, subscribe, and all that good stuff. Thanks friends!

These women are everything. Check out the new video on my channel!

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The first to apologize is the bravest. The first to forgive is the strongest. The first to forget is the happiest.
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"@imdombyrdgundy X David Lee | @buckshotz - Shorty Wanna Ride" is now live on my channel! Link in my profile! 

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"@imdombyrdgundy X David Lee | @buckshotz - Shorty Wanna Ride" is now live on my channel! Link in my profile!

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